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Control the message

Get the message out to your organisation quickly
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Apple and Android apps

Using our app and simple to use interface you can push messages to your organisation privately, securely and quickly. You control the message to your people. Dispel rumours, quickly inform and get the message out. Instead of relying on Facebook, WhatsApp and other public social media platforms you can contact everyone privately and securely. Customised to your needs and organisation teamTell allows you to communicate and engage quicker than before. Communication is key in building trust and keeping everyone informed.  Check out the demo or contact us to start getting the message out.

Connect and Engage


teamTell is an easy, scalable, extensible and secure system for creating rich, rewarding messages and notifications for a diverse user base.

Messages can be informative and entertaining, challenging and educational, you can deliver fresh content, fresh ideas and new opinions.

Messages are "one way" and add no risk to your reputation - regardless of user views!

Dive right in!

Whether you have questions, need answers, or just want to help others, the teamTell platform is the place for you.

Contact us and find out how we can engage your users. Discuss potential projects and keep up with all the great things we are doing.

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