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How teamTell works


Simply add new announcements and push them out to your users

teamTell combines a simple to use web interface to add news articles or announcements to push out to your users via the teamTell app. Simply have your userbase download the app and you control the message sent out

Download the app

Download the app

Download the app and login to your demo account.

See all your announcements

You'll be able to access all the new announcements here.

Adding an article through the web interface..

Add a New Announcement

Simply add a new announcement to push out to you users. This will be the content they see.

View Announcements

View all your current announcements. This will be the content your users see in the App.

Announcement History

Here you can see all your announcement history and the ability to push an article to users. Articles are time limited and will be removed from view to history.

Contact us about a demo now......

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